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● Screw Nuts are the parts that hold mechanical equipment together tightly. Nuts and bolts of the same size can only be joined together through the inner thread.
● The key Features are easy to install, no need for gasket, and easy to disassemble.
● We support customized and can also manufacture non-standard fasteners according to your drawings.


 DIN, ASTM/ANSI, JIS, ISO, GB and so on.


 Dia M5 - M16


 Metric Coarse & Fine


 Property Class 4, 6, 8, 10


 Q195, 35K, 10B21

Surface Treatment

 Plain, Zinc Plated, Blackening, Ni Plated, Dacromet


 Automobile industry -- cars, trucks, buses, compressor, construction machinery, wind power plant, machinery for farming, foundry industry, drilling equipment, shipbuilding industry, military, mining equipment, oil drilling rig (onshore or offshore), public utilities, rail traffic, transmission system, metallurgical equipment and etc.

Taizhou First Rivet Co.,Ltd.
As a famous Wholesale Supply Screw Nuts Company and Supply Screw Nuts Manufacturers,Taizhou First Rivet Co.,Ltd. founded in 1991, is a specializes in researching, developing, producing and selling bolts and rivets manufacturers and factory. It covers an area of 13,834 square meters and has convenient transportation.

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Our main customers are domestic first-class and second-class OEM suppliers, and our automobile hollow rivets and other products are exported to
Europe, America,the Middle East, Africa, Southeast Asia and more than 20 countries.

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Industry Knowledge Extension

Property Class Of Screw Nut

The property class of a nut typically denotes its tensile strength, which is the maximum amount of stress or loads the nut can handle before it deforms or fails. Higher property class numbers generally indicate higher tensile strength and better performance in demanding applications. Some common property class designations for screw nuts include:

(1)Property Class 4 (or Grade 4): These nuts are made from low-carbon steel and have a lower tensile strength compared to higher property class screw nuts. They are suitable for general-purpose applications with moderate loads and are commonly used in non-critical or low-stress applications.

(2)Property Class 6 (or Grade 6): These nuts are made from medium carbon steel and have higher tensile strength compared to Property Class 4 screw nuts. They are suitable for applications that require higher strength and reliability, such as automotive, machinery, and construction applications.

(3)Property Class 8 (or Grade 8): These nuts are made from alloy steel and have the highest tensile strength compared to lower property class screw nuts. They are suitable for high-stress applications that require maximum strength and durability, such as heavy machinery, aerospace, and structural applications.

The screw nuts we produce include four Property Classes of 4, 6, 8, and 10 to meet your various needs

What Characteristics Should Screw Nuts Used In The Automotive Industry Have?

Nuts used in the automotive industry, as well as in other industries, should possess certain characteristics to ensure reliable and safe performance. Some of the characteristics that screw nuts used in the automotive industry should have include:

(1)High Tensile Strength: Automotive applications often involve high loads and stresses, so nuts used in the automotive industry should have the high tensile strength to withstand these demands. Nuts with higher property class ratings, such as Property Class 8 or higher, are commonly used in the automotive industry due to their high tensile strength.

(2)Good Thread Engagement: Nuts should provide sufficient thread engagement with bolts or threaded rods to ensure proper fastening and prevent loosening. Nuts with adequate thread engagement help to maintain a tight and secure connection, which is crucial in automotive applications to prevent failure due to vibration, shock, or other dynamic loads.

(3)Corrosion Resistance: Automotive applications may expose screw nuts to various environmental conditions, including moisture, salt, chemicals, and other corrosive substances. Therefore, nuts used in the automotive industry should have good corrosion resistance to prevent rust, degradation, or other forms of corrosion that can compromise the integrity of the fastening joint. Stainless steel nuts, brass nuts, or nylon nuts are often used in automotive applications for their corrosion-resistant properties.

(4)Reliability and Consistency: Automotive applications demand high levels of reliability and consistency to ensure consistent performance across different components and systems. Nuts used in the automotive industry should be manufactured to meet strict quality standards and specifications, ensuring consistent dimensions, tolerances, and mechanical properties. Reliable and consistent nuts help ensure consistent performance of the fastening joint and prevent potential failures.

First Rivet has many years of experience in producing parts, and the nuts produced are mostly used in the automotive industry, with guaranteed quality.

Wholesale Purchase Of Screw Nuts, What Should Be Paid Attention To?

When it comes to wholesale purchasing of screw nuts, there are several key factors to consider:

(1)Quality: Quality is paramount when selecting screw nuts for wholesale procurement. Ensure that the nuts are made from durable materials such as stainless steel or brass to guarantee their strength and longevity. Look for suppliers who adhere to strict quality control standards and provide certifications or guarantees of product quality.

(2)Size and Specifications: Pay attention to the size and specifications of the screw nuts. Different applications require different sizes and thread types. Determine the specific requirements of your projects and ensure that the supplier can provide a wide range of sizes and specifications to meet your needs.

(3)Pricing and Quantity: Consider the pricing and quantity options offered by the supplier. Compare prices from multiple suppliers to ensure competitive pricing. Additionally, assess the supplier's ability to fulfill large quantity orders efficiently, as wholesale purchases often involve bulk quantities.

(4)Supplier Reputation: Research the reputation and credibility of the supplier. Look for feedback and reviews from other customers to gauge their reliability, timely deliveries, and customer service. A reputable supplier with positive reviews indicates a higher likelihood of a smooth and successful wholesale purchasing experience.

By considering these factors, you can make an informed decision when sourcing screw nuts for wholesale purchase, ensuring that you receive high-quality products at competitive prices, backed by reliable customer support and efficient logistics. Taizhou First Rivet Co., Ltd is a family very professional China Screw Nuts Manufacturer, welcome to buy online.

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