Brake Lining Rivets

● Brake rivets are used as a heavy duty alternative to bonding in high load applications such-as truck brakes so that the lining maintains its position relative to the brake share during useful life of the lining. Another benefit of rivets versus bonding alternatives is that the brake shoe may be rebuilt by removing the rivets/sacrificial friction materials and replacing/re-riveting.

● We support customized and can also manufacture non-standard fasteners according to your drawings.

Hole Type

  Full Tubular, Semi Tubular, Solid

Shank Diameter

 6 series, L series, 6.35 series, 8series,10 series,

Head Type

  Flat Head,Oval Head Round Head , Countersunk Head, Round Cone Head and so on, as customer requires


   BS 3575, DIN 7338, ANSI B 18.7 and so on

Raw Material

 Carbon Steel, Aluminum,Steel,Iron,Stainless Steel,  Brass, Copper

Surface finish

  Zinc Plated, Ni Plated, Brass Plated,Tin Plated, Black Plated, Copper Plated,Gold Plated, Salt fog test,


 Brake lining rivets are used to secure brake shoe linings on cars, trucks, and other vehicles.

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