Screw Nuts

● Screw Nuts are the parts that hold mechanical equipment together tightly. Nuts and bolts of the same size can only be joined together through the inner thread.
● The key Features are easy to install, no need for gasket, and easy to disassemble.
● We support customized and can also manufacture non-standard fasteners according to your drawings.


 DIN, ASTM/ANSI, JIS, ISO, GB and so on.


 Dia M5 - M16


 Metric Coarse & Fine


 Property Class 4, 6, 8, 10


 Q195, 35K, 10B21

Surface Treatment

 Plain, Zinc Plated, Blackening, Ni Plated, Dacromet


 Automobile industry -- cars, trucks, buses, compressor, construction machinery, wind power plant, machinery for farming, foundry industry, drilling equipment, shipbuilding industry, military, mining equipment, oil drilling rig (onshore or offshore), public utilities, rail traffic, transmission system, metallurgical equipment and etc.

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