Step Rivets

● Step rivet is a nail-shaped object with a cap at one end: the riveted parts are connected by self-deformation or interference during riveting. It is widely used in the clutch compressing disc. There are two series of the clutch compressing disc rivets. One is normal step rivets, the head is round. The other is the special series. The head is triangle or the quadrangle. It is advised by the customers. It is different from others because it has the high frequency treatment, which can increase the hardness of the shank's partial.
● We support customized and can also manufacture non-standard fasteners according to your drawings.

Hole Type

  Semi Tubular and Solid

Shank Diameter


Raw Material

  Steel (35K, 45K, 10B21), Stainless Steel,  Brass, Copper

Surface finish

  Natural Color, Blackening, Zinc Plated, Ni Plated, Brass Plated,Tin Plated, Black Zinc Plated, Copper Plated

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