Introduction And Installation Of Solid Rivets


What are solid rivets? – A solid rivet, sometimes calle […]

What are solid rivets? – A solid rivet, sometimes called an airplane rivet, are a solid piece of metal with a large head on one side and a straight shaft. They are installed by sliding them into a hole slightly larger than the shaft, then deforming the protruding shaft to 1.5 times its size, so it's tight and can't be pulled out. They differ from popular rivets in that they are solid and therefore stronger, and a buck rod and a pneumatic gun are used to install them.


Why use structural rivets? – In most cases, solid rivets are used for the no-nonsense, high-performance, aviation-style they represent. But they are also a more permanent connection method than sheet metal screws, but not as permanent as welding. Unlike screw-in panels, riveted panels won't come loose in high-vibration applications. Once installed, you don't need to worry about pulling them tight.


How to install solid rivets? – Installation is easy but takes some practice to perfect. Simply insert the rivets into the appropriately sized holes. Place the step-down lever on the back of the shaft. Apply a pneumatic gun to the factory head and pull the trigger for a short time. The shaft should splay effortlessly into a proper workshop head. Try to apply the right pressure and get it right the first time, the rivets will stiffen a bit each time you hit it, making it harder to deform.


How do I know the right length of the rivet to use? – In order to choose the correct length, it is helpful to know the tightening allowance. However, since we don't build military aircraft, you can use your best guess. The correct way is to measure the thickness of the piece being riveted and add a tightening allowance for the diameter of the rivet you want to use.

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