How to install flat head rivets

Update:Apr 07, 2020
Flat-head rivets need to be driven with a rivet gun. First, punch holes in the object to be connected, then insert the rivet, and then pull the rivet with the rivet gun. Rivet: In riveting, a part that uses its own deformation or interference to connect the riveted parts. There are many types of rivets, and they are informal. Common rivets are round head rivets, flat head rivets, countersunk rivets, semi-tubular rivets, solid rivets, composite rivets, step rivets and so on. Flat head rivets are used for riveting occasions with general loads. For example, if you want to rivet two iron plates with a 3.2X10 flat-head aluminum rivet, first use a 3.3 drill bit to drill through holes in both iron plates, and then insert the thick end of the rivet into the aligned holes on the two plates. Then use the guide nozzle of the rivet gun to insert the thin end of the rivet exposed outside the two iron plates, and pull the handle of the rivet gun until the thin end of the rivet is broken, so that the thick end of the rivet has been deformed. The boards are firmly connected together
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